If you want to find a catchy name for your business blog then you’re at the right place. But whatever you do – don’t name it CyberBotMachines 🙂

The secret to creating catchy business blog names is in combining words that are unusual when put together. Some ideas would be “hot ice” or “ice lava”. This will naturally depend on the industry you’re in. But following the same principle, you can use the words associated with your industry.

This is actually tied to how our brain works. And one of the major things it does is trying to forget as many unimportant things as possible.

But what are unimportant things?

A major thing that makes something unimportant is how ordinary, repeatable, or usual something is. So when you see a blog named SoftwareDigital or something like that, it really has nothing memorable about it.

On the other hand, a name like ExplodingKeyboard would be much more memorable because it immediately creates a visual image in our head that is unusual.

So just having an unusual business blog name makes it catchy, cool, and memorable.

(also it is easier to rank for SEO keywords if it’s a unique name)

Business Blog Name Generator

Now to help you with business blog name ideas, I created this handy business blog name generator.

You can use this name generator by entering some words that are typical for your industry. You can also enter some general ones that have nothing to do with your industry. For example – fire.

In the IT industry, some possible results could be “coding fire” which sounds catchy.

So without further ado, here is the generator. Just enter every word or term in separate rows (by pressing a new line).

And then define how many words you want to use in your result (default is 2 so you can get catchy names like “coding fire” etc.).

Business Blog Name Generator

Generate Names

Cool IT Blog Names 

Now in the IT business, there are plenty of opportunities to create a cool blog name. And software developers have plenty of insider jargon they can use.

But be careful.

Because the name should also be cool to your potential clients and customers.

If you name your blog something like ExitVimExperts that might be fun and cool for developers. But will your client get it?

Let’s say you’re making software for fishermen and you’ve decided to start a blog. A good name for your blog could be DigitalFish. Much better than an insider joke about Vim, which is kinda cool, but your customers have no idea what you are talking about.

And this is a very important point, regardless of what you’re doing: coming up with your IT blog name or business blog title ideas – you should always keep your target customer in mind.

If you do that and create a list of problems and desires your client has then you’ll always be able to find cool names, solutions, or content ideas.

IT Blog Name Ideas + Generator

If you’re interested in IT blog name ideas specifically then there is no need to enter any keywords because they are all hardcoded already.

All you need to do is to press a button and see what comes up.

Unlimited business blog name ideas are waiting for you.

Generate IT Names

What should I name my tech blog?

The best tech blog name is the one that your customers (not you) will remember most easily. But even better, it is the name that your customers will have to remember because of how good your product, information, or service is.

There are many websites that have some pretty unusual and hard-to-remember names. That is until you use their products/services so much that you have to remember their name.

One example is Reddit with two Ds and another is Dribbble with 3 Bs. Now if that isn’t difficult to remember then I don’t know what is.

And my point is these are now household names basically.

That is one of the reasons I don’t concern myself with the name of this blog being CyberBotMachines. Because I know people will have no other choice but to remember it if I provide enough value.

Common Business Blog Mistakes

There are many mistakes you can make. There are probably many that I do myself. But there is only one that is completely unforgivable.

The biggest mistake is not focusing on your reader/customer and providing content that no one cares about (except for you).

But really, no one cares about you, period. Remember this.

Even this post you are reading right now. You are not reading it because you care about me. You are reading it because it can help you achieve your goal.

This content can really help you come up with better business blog names. And you learned that customer-focused names are much better than your personal preference.

And if this content, as well as other posts on this blog, are helpful you will start “liking” me much more. But your liking is only to the extent I was able to help you.

It starts with free content but it continues even after you’re paying for services. For example, who wouldn’t be happy with investing $4k in a series of blog posts and getting $40k in profit from additional clients?

And also, wouldn’t you like the person who made that possible?

Conclusion About Business Blog Name Ideas

Focus on providing value through your content, products, and services. This will ensure people remember you fast, regardless of what your name is.

Though if you provide a bad product or service they’ll remember you even faster (but I don’t advise going that route).

However, if you want to get the best business blog ideas then just pair unusual terms together and you’ve got yourself a cool and catchy blog name idea.

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Until next time,
Senior Developer Content Writer