My name is Zeljko Will Veic, and I am a Senior Developer Content Writer.

I was a Senior Software Developer with 7+ years of coding experience. However, due to programmer burnout, I had to switch course.

New (But Similar) Career

What I moved on to was an interesting world of SEO and writing about technology. And I learned how these two combined can help businesses achieve their goals.

So even though I’m not coding anymore, my vast knowledge of the IT industry and coding experience is an incredible asset.

My Advantage

This provides me with a unique perspective and advantage over other Technology Content Writers.

Because, no matter what you do, nothing can replace almost a decade of working as a developer.

From small to big businesses and startups, the experience I gathered is immense.

Your Advantage

If you decide to work with me, then my advantages become yours.

I know that finding a good developer is hard enough.

But trying to find a good developer who knows how to write, is skilled in SEO, and understands the business side… well… that’s near impossible.


Now that you beat almost impossible odds in finding me, I suggest we get in touch.

Let’s see how I can help you and your business.

You can contact me here.

Wish you all the best,