Speed Up Your Programming Career While Working Less

You can read the long explanation below – but in short:

  • in my 7+ years as a developer, I learned almost all industry tips and tricks
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HOW I LOST $148.478?

I was young, inexperienced, and frankly naive.

And I didn’t expect that even in a friendly-looking programmer community there could be a lot of traps that simply waste your time and money.

That is why I created an info-dense 2-hour course that can save you 2 years of unnecessary struggle.

Also, you will learn how to raise your salary faster. (alternatively, you can learn the hard way – just like me)

Losing 2 years is a bit abstract so let’s put a number on it.

According to Glassdoor, the average yearly salary for software developers is $74.239 and when you multiply that by 2 years, you will get $148.478

If I knew then what I know now that money could have been in my pocket.

And if I could purchase this information 7 years ago – I’d get a return on my investment that would even outshine Bitcoin (by a mile).


If it wasn’t for total burnout that completely destroyed me – I’d probably have 3 more decades of earning potential as a software developer.

And I don’t want to even calculate potential loss there because it’s in the millions.

One of the lessons inside the course is covering burnout which, if ignored, can end your career just as easily as it ended mine.

You’ve been warned.


When you are experienced enough in programming, companies start coming to you with better jobs and better salaries.

But it doesn’t start that way.

You have to prove yourself first and gain experience.

The problem is you don’t know which company and which project is best for your career.

You can guess like most everybody does – as did I.

BUT… there’s a better way.

If someone told you:

  • what language will give you the most options
  • what projects to take in which stage of your career
  • what companies are best for the fastest long term progress
  • how long to stay at which company, where to switch and why

Then you could advance much, much faster.

And that means you get paid a higher salary sooner than you would otherwise.


The good news is:

  • you don’t have to make the same mistakes again
  • you don’t have to lose 2 years of your life
  • you don’t have to lose $148.478


Because there was some other poor bastard that did this for you.


It was me (unfortunately for me).

Want more good news?

All I will require for my efforts is 4 cents per lost hour (i.e. $97).

It’s embarrassingly low but it’ll pay me some coffees (maybe even some beer so I can forget about my mistakes 😁). 


Look, I used to be a very good programmer but I’m bad at marketing.

I won’t tell you this offer is going to expire soon. Neither will the price go up tomorrow.


Why would you wait?
Do you enjoy wasting time?
Do you enjoy losing money?

I’m just thinking where would I be now had I known this information earlier.
Regret is a terrible thing.
The good news is you can avoid it.

And the class… it’s truly a bargain.

And on top of that you have a 30-day, zero questions asked, money-back guarantee.
If you’re not satisfied for any reason with the information inside you’ll get your money back.

To sum it up:

  • you have zero risk & nearly zero cost
  • you can save yourself 2 years of trial & error
  • potentially save yourself $148.478
  • you can advance faster in your career
  • you can start increasing your salary sooner

Why aren’t you clicking on the link below like a madman, is beyond me.

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